26 December 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Wishing you all a safe and happy Christmas break I wont be posting until the New Year so see you all in 2011!

the presents went down a treat.

21 December 2010

OOPS!!!! crafty gift wrapping tutorial here....

Sorry friends! just realised the link was not taking you to the right page I have fixed it in previous post or you can click here.

20 December 2010

Another tutorial..... Gift Wrapping & Decorating ideas

Another tutorial I am on a roll I thought I would share my ideas on how Im going to wrap and decorate my presents this year.I hope you like them. They will reflect the gifts inside them which are locally made items.
I hope you enjoy! Please let me know what your thoughts are on my tutorials (if you have any!) Thanks!

17 December 2010

How to make a wreath for all seasons

I have posted a tutorial on how to make a christmas wreath from greenery in your garden. I have a barn door that is quite bare and as I spend a lot of time staring at it out my studio window I decided that I would decorate it with a wreath.
This is a nice idea if you are having an outdoors christmas lunch and you want tasteful not tinsel to get you into the festive spirit.
The tutorial can be adapted to any occasion or style the principals are pretty easy.You just need to remember to overlay your decorating elements and wire underneath to hide it.

I like the fact that you can reuse the hoop and wire to redress your wreath for different looks and styles.

Hope you have fun making one it took me under 1/2 an hour  to complete.

Let me know if the tutorial is easy or not easy to follow I would appreciate the feedback as I hope to post more.

15 December 2010

Wedding Rings

Ive been looking at getting myself a new wedding ring. When I got married some 13 years ago I did my wedding on a shoestring budget of $1100.
Yes I hear you all gasping in disbelief but its true I did and it can be done though some of you might not cope well with the picking out of flowers at the local florist on the morning of the wedding.
I also confess that the venue and catering were my wedding present from my brother who ran a café and gallery at the time and my sister in law did the photography.
My original ring is lovely but its not really that comfortable to wear everyday (I have callouses) so Im going to get a new one made. So now it’s a question of finding a designer and a style that I like. I have found some amazing inspiration from some very talented designer/makers.  I love the textural handcrafted look (of course!)

The designers are listed below according to the order of the pics.

pics 1,2,3
Rosa Maria, Lebanese designer decided to develop her own style of jewellery, daring an “avant-gardiste” design, by mixing materials in an unconventional manner; she has shown her difference with her unstructured layered design.

pics 4,5,6,7
Satomi Kawakita is a New York City-based jewelry designer.

pics 8,9
Self taught and very talented Canadian Designer Kate Szabone.

12 December 2010

Twelve Days to Christmas

My goodness how busy have I been??????
Well busy enough that I didn’t get anywhere near objectsof whimsy all week. Most frustrating but as you can see I was still able to do a little collecting of some lovely stuff for you all to look at.
I finally got my haircut and I mean not a trim but a proper cut. (looks a bit like this but more like this!)
It took the poor girl (Olivia) at Barbarella Hair ages to get through the 4 year old thicket that had grown on my head I swear with the mound of hair that was on the floor I was expecting a shearer to walk in and bale up. There I have been overheating turning on the air con thinking there was a heatwave on when really it was because I was carrying a whole sheep on my head.
 I can almost crotchet a granny square!  Well okay a slightly deformed granny square but Im getting real close now.  Im passed the single chain stage yay!
On Saturday I got the gocco printer out and printed this years Christmas cards (a little late I know) I finished the hand colouring this morning so they will hit the postbox tomorrow.

Links to the images (in same order as the images above)
  1. Gooco printed cards (mine!)
  2. Gocco printed cards hand coloured (mine!)
  3. Snow Day Felt Holiday Ornament Craft Pattern (posie rosy little things)
  4. Walk in the Woods Felt Ornament Craft Pattern (posie rosy little things)
  5. Ice Skating Felt Ornament Craft Pattern (posie rosy little things)
  6. The stone and lace tree (knittalatte etsy shop)
  7. Felt gingerbread ornaments
  8. Cute christmas stockings
  9. Tartan Christmas elfs and Ornaments
  10. Cute festive appliques (pics 10,11,12,13)Im loving the cat!