10 April 2012

cold weather,crocheted paisley and other things

pattern observer

patti haskins

patti haskins



vintage lace earings

vintage paisley pinafore

paisley butter cream biscuits

wedding cake

paisley wooden stamp from India

winter crafting

I really want winter to start it is my favourite season.
I love nothing better than sitting in front of the fire with some music on reading or crafting or drawing or baking or looking out the window at the rain outside. I love the winter fashion of warm soft woollens, jeans and boots. I love my electric blanket for warming the bed up for sleep and slipping my feet into ugg boot slippers in the morning.

The other day I decluttered my knitting basket wound all the loose wool into balls and took stock of the equipment crotchet hooks, knitting needles and patterns. The fingers are getting fidgety wanting to start knitting /crocheting.

Im not a big fan of wool crafts in summer because it gets so hot handling the wool nor the sweaty hands and prickly fibres.

As the days get colder and daylight saving has passed Im on the lookout for a new project and I think Ive found one. I have fallen in love with the crotchet paisley. It looks like a good way to use up all those loose strands I had leftover and Im thinking all sewn together would make a lovely scarf dont you think?

crochet paisley pattern

If you think you would like to try the crochet paisley you can find the pattern here. Patti Haskins has kindly scanned the pattern into a pdf as well as a pattern for using the Paisleys into a top (a little too complicated for me) for the more confident crocheter.

paisley inspiration

My initial inspiration came from the wonderful blog pattern observer. If you are a lover of pattern as I am this is one blog worth visiting again and again.......

Im not one for painted nails but I felt inspired when I saw these. JQ, a self confessed painted nail addict has a blog full of wonderful nail designs and instructions on how to get the nail look. She is a clever girl and I didnt realise how much effort went into those lovely looking nails.
PS: love the name fripperydigits!

If you cant crochet carocreated has kindly created and listed some beautiful paisleys on her etsy shop.

You can get the earrings from here

How cute is that little paisley dress with that hat?

mmmm! paisley buttercreams

or perhaps a paisley themed wedding I love the colours used for the wedding cake.

Gorgeous little wooden paisley stamp from India. (source unknown)


Sophie Munns said...

Great post.... a lover of pattern myself! Love your blog too!

objectsofwhimsy said...

Hi Sophie

nice of you to drop by for some paisley pattern enjoyment.
Im glad you like my blog and please feel free to drop by and comment any time....Helen :)

Red Hen (dette) said...

Crochet and paisley -my two loves combined!

objectsofwhimsy said...

Glad you dropped by Dette :)