26 May 2013

Drawing Challenge :: Proverb or Saying

I hear this countless times a day :)


So not what I wanted to do but this was all the time I had available to me this weekend. So here it is graffiti and the demise of language in the age of technology.  Are these the archaeological digs and the Shakespearean equivalents of this day and age?
Who knows.....
What I do think is that "Hi! its me" may well become the "To be or not to be" of the future.
On the train in the supermarket on the streets this little saying is uttered over and over again.
I am also guilty of this utterance even though my name must show who I am I still need to say it and it really doesnt say anything does it?
So will phones become the old 'manuscripts' and will a single texter emerge as the new William Shakespeare? I have no doubt that graffiti will be the "rock paintings or fresco type reflections on who we are and what we were like. Whatever will they make of OMG!, LMAO, ROLF and the like........

This weeks challenge is brought to you by the lovely Patrice if you would like to see more artwork for this challenge pop over to her blog and follow the links.



barbarabeesblog said...

Ha! I like your connection to Shakespeare and I guess you're right that graffiti will show (like all sorts of art) where we were at that time. But about "Hi its me" I had instantly in mind what I heard about birds who sing. That what they say in their language is something like "hello, I'm here" a tree full of "hello, I'm here" - isn't it nearly the same?

renilde said...

the age of technology, yes and sometimes a bit scary how fast it all goes, and we as human beings are we changing with it, can we follow that speed, does it really improve our lives, i often wonder,or does it just shift problem zones??
your post thought provoking,
your photo is a sign of the time,xx

mano said...

HI helen!!
on the one hand this graffiti it very funny, but on the other it's sad - our language get lost. I see this particularly with regard to the young generation - for example sms-initials are using for "normal speaking".
but I still love graffiti artists!
:-) mano

Kristen Donegan said...

Language is a funny and constantly changing thing- like technology though speed can be a discomfort- I think graffiti has always been around and is a great form of expression that can be highly worth listening to.
Hi it's me- sort of sad call into the universe :)

Tammie Lee said...

i enjoyed your take on this prompt and considering the act of texting and new language. i am out of that loop. I barely use my mobile. they hurt my head, i figure that is info that it is not good for my head.

Norma Conway said...

I was chuckling to myself reading your post Helen, and remembered the old skit where Josephine who was a telephone operator (trunk lines) answered the phone by saying "hello is that you? this is me!" and she repeated this a number of times. Sometimes I say that into the phone if I am in a whimsical or light-hearted mood. Yes, things change so so so quickly. Even my grand children (ages 9 and 6 yrs.) know more things than their parents (my daughter aged 41 yrs./son-in-law aged 45) and the 6 year old made her own youtube channel and has her own email and online friends, etc. and knows how to work apps and things online like graphics, etc. and my daughter who doesn't know how to do it, and can't figure it out, has to go to the 6 year old for help. The 6 yr. old fingers FLY across the keyboard and the eyes are flashing with excitement and thinking. It is awesome to watch. Well I got carried away here did I not? Nice to see you! *smiles* Norma, x

Susan Christensen said...

Helen, I feel there is hope for the written word, texting and email evidence not withstanding. Our son is enrolled in a Shakespere class at college this quarter and is also writing his own prose and poetry with a passion - so I have hope. Also, look at all the fabulous new writers out there - so many books, so little time! Take cheer, my friend! Wishing you a great week, sus

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

stunning reflection, helen!
yes, imagine this wall art becoming vintage in about 50 years??
and to hi or not to hi, might i add? ;)))

oh listen, cheers for your multiple visits!
i will get back to you at length!

tanĂ¯a said...

First I was confused when I looked at the wall...where's the saying? But after reading your text I got the point, it's modern poetry somehow! And without judging I asked myself if that isn't what we're all yelling by our blogs: "hi! it's me!"
Again, I'm prefering to see the ggod in the bad, we're connecting, getting in contact, talk to each other...if we use this technique to turn our "hi! it's me" into real face-to-face-encounters, then I won't complain.

Patrice A. said...

the technology changes so rappidly
that it scares me sometimes
can we humans follow?....
on the other hand
your image made me also smile
we want to connect
by spoken or written words
and that will last
i think and hope

(bad english, but you will understand)

Patrice A.

renilde said...

dear Helen, do you feel like playing,i'm hosting our next dc, xx

objects of whimsy said...

to hi or not to hi......:))
the desire to connect is always there Patrice I agree
Norma its heartening to see the young still express interest in language.
I think it might be time for me to host again might be time I think Renilde.

Thanks for popping by I love to read your comments always makes my week. :))

Helen x