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Gift Wrapping -  REcycle :: REuse :: REpurpose
I thought you might like to see how I will be decorating my gifts this year.
I felt inspired by my new found skill in crocheting granny squares. (Pip Lincolne has an excellent set of video tutorials that show you how).
I am a fastidious recycler/reuser type of person and my style of wrapping will be sourced from my collection of paper bags and tissue paper etc that I have gathered over the year from other purchases. 
I have also used leftover wool to crotchet little ornaments for further decoration.

So lets get started!
You will need these things:
Zigzag scissors (optional)
Darning needle with a rounded end
Crotchet hooks - sizes 4-5
Recycled paper bags, wrapping, tissue paper etc; with any sticky tape removed
Sticky tape or 2 sided tape
Wool leftover bits and long bits

You should end up with something like this.....

yes!!!! I can knit Granny Squares woohoo!!!!

Instructions for crocheted ornaments

For the little round ornaments we are just doing 1 round of a granny square which is
Chain 8, slipstitch into ring, chain 3, treble3, chain 3, treble 3, chain 3, treble 3, chain3, slipstitch into 3rd stitch of original chain of 3, chain stitch 20 then slipstitch into first stitch of that 20.
Any loose threads feed into stitches using the darning needle.
For more detailed directions pop into meetmeatmikes where Pip has kindly put together some really good video tutes on crocheting.

If you don’t have time to learn you could visit a CWA or charity shop or even an op shop where you can get small granny square blankets unstitch them and use the squares from those (a little radical I know depends on how desperate you are to have the look!)

Okay youre done with the ornaments now onto the wrapping

Here is the process!

Ill let your creative flair drive you this is pretty easy because it simply involves wrapping your gift in repurposed paper wrapping, winding twine/wool around it and finally adding adding decorations to it..... in this case my granny square or ornaments. But it easily could be anything you wanted to add to it coloured pompoms, cardboard shapes, real decorations.

TIP: If you dont want sticky tape showing use double sided tape.

just demonstrating on this empty box

wrap it round with some crossovers!

use the darning needle to easily thread the decorations on

I like the look of the plainer bow tied at the back makes for easy opening

move ornamentsts into position

cute hey?
Whats missing hmmmmm! I know gift tags!

Gift Tags
These are clothing tags that I collect and repurpose for other use. I always find these are usually wellmade from good quality materials.
See below for ideas

Use sticky labels and stamps to cover any existence of their
former function.

Glue pretty papers onto tags to cover up branding.

Looking good!

TIP: Use existing ribbons or attaching devices that come with the tag if they are good looking and they usually are. I also remove stickers from the labels if they are easy to peel off. 
Cut off any logos if they are positioned down the bottom of tag.

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GemMadeIt said...

I love these ideas! Everything looks fantastic, and I love the granny square idea. I have tried learning to make granny squares (in Meet me at Mike's) but I just couldn't get it together. I'll have to try again. I stumbled accross your blog as I am just about to upload pictures of my giftwrapping to my blog at http://gemmadeit.blogspot.com.au/ so feel free to pop by.