How to make a greenery wreath for all seasons


You need this stuff :

  1. Greenery (I used cuttings from my fir tree but you could use vine or ivy or rosemary or olive branches any greenery that has some bendage to it) Not too big try to relate it to your hoop size so 1 piece would cover about 1/3 the surface of your hoop.
  2. A cane or wire hoop you can get them for about 3 dollars at spotlight or any such store that sells crafting supplies.
  3. Pruning shears
  4. Wire I used leftover binding wire (recycled) but you can get florist wire from your local florist.
  5. Gardening Gloves . You need to wear these especially if you are handling fir tree cuttings as they are quite prickly and the sap is sticky and toxic.
Lets get started!

Choose a piece of greenery trim away the end so you have some stem to wire to the hoop like so.

Wire first piece tightly to hoop leave some extra wire to attach overlaying greenery with.

For the first layer you will need about 3 pieces to cover the hoop wiring the woody stem underneath the top of the previous piece.

Once you’ve covered the hoop you now need to fill in the gaps with smaller pieces greenery to bulk up the wreath and to cover any showing wire. 
Always wire the woody ends behind and under the top of the previous piece of greenery.

Lastly using smaller pieces of greenery, poke these into the wired fronds to cover any showing wire. 
If you poke them in an inch above the showing wire the frond should cover it nicely.

Attach some decoration, in this case Ive used pomegranate elements to match the location of my barn door the final destination of my wreath. You could use ornaments, flowers etc; anything that takes your fancy!

Attach a loop of wire or ribbon to the top of the wreath to hang it.

And youre done!

The leftover greenery is placed into the basket as decoration for my outside table no wastage here. Looks very festive and pretty and I enjoy looking at it out of my studio window.